Kinvergent was formed out of the desire to elevate the network cabling, accessory, optic and power offerings currently available. Our mission is to simplify the numerous technology choices and migration paths for today’s rapidly changing network infrastructures.

With support for all the major manufacturers and Kinvergent’s own cabling, accessories and optics, backed with a Lifetime Warranty and 20 years of industry experience, we are able to offer an expansive array of innovative products to fit any size and complexity of project.

Who we are

The Kinvergent family is comprised of a team with the passion and expertise to provide you the best solution that fits within your budget, while maintaining exceptional performance and quality. We go to great lengths to make your job easier, to the point where you’ll begin to consider us an extension of your organization…a kind of “free employee!”

We also aim to foster an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration. Kinvergent welcomes your suggestions and ideas for new products, tweaks to the same old stuff, and just plain conversation about how to make things work better. 

What we do

Kinvergent operates on principles that focus on your long-term success by:

  • Helping you to see issues that haven’t been identified
  • Bringing to light unintended consequences
  • Revealing hidden opportunities
  • Providing solutions not previously considered
  • Serving as a resource and your trusted advisor
At Kinvergent, we work as a team!
Kinvergent is prepared with solutions and ideas

A snapshot into what makes Kinvergent stand out from the rest:

  • We create a business environment that encourages trust, conversation and respect for new ideas
  • We stay true to our values, even if it costs us a sale
  • We will not take our customers or team members for granted, no matter how large of a company we become
  • We will not take on debt that could jeopardize our manufacturers or suppliers
  • We believe revenue and profitability are a result of repeatable, exceptional customer experiences
Faith, Family, Work…it’s keeping the first two priorities in order, that makes us excel at the third

While we take what we do very serious, there’s a lighter side to our style that you’ll find refreshing and contagious. Please consider us for your next requirement or project.

Thank you to our current customers and those who will become part of the Kinvergent family in the future.