Share your Setup

We've all done things we're proud of and want the world to know. There are also some things we're not so proud of and wish Facebook and YouTube could be uninvented...fortunately this page is all about showing off the things we're proud of!

Send us pics of your network closets and data centers, but don't just send pics of the meticulously bundled, perfectly labeled, hand-laced cable runs, we want to see the before pics as well...the ones where unsuspecting interns wandered in and were found years later with beards down to the floor, still tracing the same cable!

It does not matter if you purchased from Kinvergent, this page is about showing off your work, sharing ideas and always setting the bar higher, which inspires the rest of us to do better.

Please submit your masterpieces to along with your name, phone, email and a short description of the pictures. We'll let you know when they are available for viewing and sharing.

(Disclaimer: All pictures submitted are assumed to be copyright free. The submitter gives Kinvergent permission to publish and use these pictures in marketing materials.)